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Passionate about people and parties? It’s good to get excited, dream big, and visualize everything your venue could become. If that’s the business you want to be in, SQC is here to guide you on your journey to start an event venue.

SQC is affiliated with the most elaborate venue, bed & breakfast (B&B), and event spaces in Texas. Through our years of working, we have built partnerships with many venues to have the capability of procuring the proper venue for you and negotiate on your behalf with our expert in-house Commercial Real Estate Advisor.

With a passion for the wedding and real estate industry, SQC chose to combine the love for organizing, working with people, attention to detail and zealous creative flair to deliver venue consultancy and developing services. The SQC team will assist you with everything from finding you the perfect location, supporting the architecture layout of property, brand awareness, creative venue marketing, and techniques to maximize venue revenue, profit and asset value of each property, while providing the ultimate client experience. Starting a venue can be a great opportunity for anyone!

Discovery Stage

During this phase, we will be searching for venues that ideally fit your business strategy with the goal of making an acquisition. The purpose of discovery is to get a deep understanding of the user’s experience. This will help the SQC team challenge their existing ideas of what the problem and solution might be.

Identifying Investment Opportunities

The first step in the discovery stage is identifying the right opportunities. We will help you gather your criteria which should be inclusive of venue type, location, purchase price, profit goals, timeline and focus on targeting venues that match your requirement. While you can control everything else about your space– how to customize it, what kind of events you want to host, what food to cater–your location and building will be a fixture of your business.

Conducting Market Research

We will explore Land opportunities if you’re looking to start your venue from scratch. Or we create a list of potential venues that are high quality opportunities for you, the following step will be to conduct market conditions and pricing trend analysis to learn more about each of them to make sure it is the best fit for your business profile.

Optimize Your Operations Management

Executing a venue acquisition from discovery stage through post-closing can be a very complex process with multiple internal and external parties involved. In order to get the most out of your space, creative people must be dedicated to it. If not properly managed with the best teams and tools, this process can easily become overwhelming and inefficient. SQC will assist to hire hardworking on-site management and implement necessary tools, network, to keep things running smoothly.

It takes a lot of passion and energy to run a venue; if imagining your business in full swing makes you happy, then you are probably ready. SQC also travels nationwide for our clients to assist them in finding the perfect venue location.

Just like our customized wedding and event packages, each of our contractual agreements is unique and tailored to the individual needs of the consulting services. This makes our partnership a win-win opportunity. Let us handle the hard work, we’d love to collaborate with you!

We’d love to make your venue stand out, drop us a line or meet in person!