Hiring Sobi Qazi for a South Asian Destination Wedding

As a Texas based wedding planning company, Mexico is the most popular international destination trending. If you’re considering a destination wedding in Mexico, this blog is for you! 

First off, if you are looking to have a multi-day wedding the importance of hiring a professional Wedding Planner with experience and knowledge of the area and vendors is beneficial. Hiring a new beginner level planner who is charging less to gain experience is only benefiting the planner at the end of the day. There are many moving parts in planning a South Asian wedding, so having an experienced planner by your side to represent your special day will go a long way and help you save money where possible. The process to find a venue and hire your vendors will be much quicker and less stressful since they will be able to recommend the best options that meet your criteria, inform you on costs involved that you have not even considered, advise you on whether to hire local vendors vs. out of town vendors and the list goes on! 

What I hear the most when speaking to newly-engaged couples is that they want to break away from the 500+ guest count wedding in their hometown to save more money by having a more smaller, intimate celebration in a beautiful setting. Having a destination wedding does not automatically mean it will be cheaper. For a South Asian wedding with multi-day events the venue customize their packages to accommodate the number of hours you will need for each event, the meals you wish to host, the staffing they will need to provide based on your guest count, also different locations and set up requirements necessary from transitioning from one event to another. The prices you notice online are mostly for standard, western style wedding less than 100 guests. Also, keep in mind that the tax rate is higher in Mexico than what you are typically used to seeing and some also have other charges like staffing, freight and labor fees that drive up the cost. Scouting for venues with my clients is a big part of the services I provide. Being able to spend quality time with my clients and walking the space to paint them a picture helps them make a decision wisely and know they have selected the right venue for their wedding events. 

I love providing unique and one of a kind experience that reflects the couple and their journey together. Specializing in South Asian weddings, I am able to help you partner with the perfect resort and vendors to ensure all your wedding details are thoroughly planned out with careful attention to the cultural elements each day, the specific design you desire, approach each vendor with an understanding of what is important to the couple and their families and this leads to an ultimate hospitality experience for your guests to enjoy! 

To learn more about our Destination Wedding Collection, call or email us for more information. I can’t wait to get started on your wedding planning together!