Dare to Dream

They say if you dream a thing more than once, it’s sure to come true. For a while after graduating from high school, I felt completely at a loss about what I was suppose to do next. I had no idea what I wanted to do for a career though I was told to follow something prestigious like becoming a doctor, a lawyer or an engineer to be successful in life. So I did just that, I earned my Bachelors of Science in Biology in 2006 and told myself I’d pursue something in the health field and began applying to programs I felt interested in. But in that whole process, deep within me, a little dream of mine began to resurface. I remember watching Jennifer Lopez in the movie “The Wedding Planner” and thought to myself how I’d love to be her-a wedding planner! I went go through countless interior design books, wedding and event magazines admiring this industry. With my family being hesitant on my choice of career to follow I took a leap of faith and followed my dream!

I began in the event industry in 2007 initially wanting to open a décor company and have my own inventory. To gain experience, I began working as a Sales Manager and Lead Designer at a décor company in Houston but came to realize that I did not want to have my own inventory or focus just on the design aspect. I realized my natural skills and talent fit best in being part of the wedding as a whole. Handling the venue selection, diagrams and logistics, working one-on-one with each vendor, I mean who doesn’t love going for a cake tasting every month! I just loved being part of it from start to finish and seeing it come to fruition from the small to large details that was the ultimate satisfaction for me after all the hard work! After completing each wedding and working with the couples, it gave me courage and motivation to start my own business in 2009. As I was braining storming a unique name for my company, I was reading the Twilight novel by Stephenie Meyer. My interpretation of the fantasy romance, of how love could happen all of a sudden, to anyone, at anytime led me to name my business, Lion & Lamb Event Services. Lion being the groom and Lamb being the bride representing how opposites can attract. In 2015, I decided to re-brand my company to SOBI QAZI as I was the face of the brand I was building and because everything my team and I do is based on my approach and my experience in business.

Now, looking back 12 years and counting I can only say “It’s a beautiful thing when a career and a passion come together.” I always put love, dedication and my heart into this business and take each wedding and event, clients, couples in high regards as I have experienced so much in this industry. Most importantly to all those who believe in me and support me, I am so lucky! I am always dreaming big, so follow me in my continuous journey, there’s so much more I want to achieve.

XO, Sobi Qazi