Your Wedding Realtor!

Congrats! So he put a ring on it, now what’s next? Saying “I do” or “closed?”

It’s possible to do both. As a couple, this will be the most emotional and largest financial decision you’ll make. It’s time consuming and having an experienced expert by your side to help you plan and budget accordingly will make the process easier. I am your wedding realtor! I am a certified and an award-winning wedding and event planner as well as a certified and licensed real estate agent with earned certification and designations to be the most knowledgeable to first-time home buyers, knowing the ins and outs to new home construction and a luxury home specialist.

Before you get excited and start going through endless pinterest photos, listings of homes, wedding magazine and visiting open houses, lets make sure you do your homework first. With my wedding planning and real estate services, I like to start off with a detailed consultation to discuss how we will balance both and make a brief timeline to have a pace to follow on all the tasks required. Keep in mind that it can take longer to find your perfect home than you think. There are many moving parts in both so timing is everything. We also begin with the big part-finance. I suggest a list of lenders to get in touch with to discuss your credit history and determine a budget of your home. Check out my next blog that will discuss the 10 simple steps to follow! We will tour your top narrowed down selections to make sure we find the perfect home you fall in love with. Lastly, while planning a wedding and buying a home, I highly recommend having two accounts to not mix up your funds.

Once you hire me, I will create an outline of the process from wedding planning to home buying and assist you step by step. I provide useful checklists to keep you on track and you can always ask me any questions along the way. We are a full-service company focusing on your wedding and real estate needs from start to finish. Let’s find your happy place together!

XO, Sobi Qazi